What are Yaca’s fees?

The below table includes fees for the following:

  • Fulfillment & Storage
  • Inventory Removals (Inventory Disposal and Removal)
  • Non-compliance

Note: Yaca at this time does charge a processing fee for payments made by debit, credit, ACH, or other electronic methods that are supported.






Fee Type


Fee Explanation


Fee Reasoning


Fee Applied


Fulfillment Fee


Yaca’s all-inclusive fulfillment fee that includes receiving, pick, pack, and shipping costs. This fee is based on SKU weight, dimensions, number of units, and service level.


Please note that fulfillment fees for orders going to provinces outside of Panama are priced differently due to the distance they have to travel.


To preview the different service level fulfillment fees for a specific SKU, use the Cost Calculator or the Customer Portal’s Inventory page.


Yaca charges a $0.11 per unit surcharge for fulfilling all units that contain a battery.


This covers the cost of receiving, picking, packing, and shipping to your buyers.


Per unit fulfilled.


Storage Fee


Yaca charges a daily storage fee for inventory in Yaca’s fulfillment centers. This fee is based on SKU dimensions and the length of time inventory has been in the fulfillment network.


This covers the cost of storage in our fulfillment centers.


Storage fees start at $0.75 per cubic foot per 30 days, subject to seasonal and long-term rates.


See full details here.







Fee Type


Fee Explanation


Fee Reasoning


Fee Applied


Inventory Disposal


​At seller’s request, Yaca will dispose of all inventory for a SKU from fulfillment centers. The fee is all-inclusive, and the disposal method is at Yaca’s discretion.


This covers the cost of picking and disposing inventory.


$.50 per unit


Inventory Removal


At a seller’s request, Yaca will remove inventory for a SKU from fulfillment centers to a single given location. This fee is all-inclusive of pick, pack, and ship.


Please note: removal orders are typically fulfilled within 10-14 business days. However, processing may extend to 30 days or more during the holiday season and peak removal season (February, March, August, and September). Yaca is not able to customize removal orders to adhere to other fulfillment service’s packaging specifications.


This covers the cost of picking, packing, and shipping inventory.


$0.30 + $0.50 per lb*, per unit


*based on package weight & rounded up to the pound


Removal orders totaling under $15 will be charged the Standard fulfillment fee rate.



Yaca may charge you a non-compliance fee for items that did not follow Yaca requirements. This could include products missing barcodes or those having an incorrect barcode compared to what you inputted into the Customer Portal or the Purchase Order provided via email.

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