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“Using a 3PL isn’t as expensive as hiring in-house warehouse staff, paying rent for warehouse space, worrying about worker’s comp, and so on. Utilizing Yaca to get my time back meant that I could focus on all the other aspects of my business that actually drive sales, like marketing and product development. That’s a huge part of how I was able to build a profitable business in less than 1 year.”

Manuel Arrocha


“With Shopify as the backend platform for my website, it was so easy to integrate between my website and Yaca’s software. With one-click, Plaia was able to import products from our store – populate pictures, SKUs, and more – for customers to buy and Yaca to automatically fulfill. I can’t express enough how happy I have been to work with Yaca. They have been instrumental to both the start-up stage and growth of our company. We have had a great experience over the past 12 months and look forward to the longer relationship.”


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