Fulfillment Pricing

Applies to each unit fulfilled, based on weight, dimensions, and service level. This includes receiving, shipping, order handling, pick pack and package costs.

We currently support 2 service levels: Standard (1-3 days) and Same Day delivery. Service levels are measured from order placement date to delivery date.
Starting at $3.99 per order

Storage Pricing

Storage pricing is charged daily per SKU based on the total cubic volume in stock.

After the daily shipment cut off, Yaca calculates the storage cost for only the products that remain in stock, meaning we do not charge you storage costs for products that have shipped throughout the day.
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Starting at $0.75 per cu. ft. per month
$0.75 ——————— $1.50

Sample Pricing


iPhone Case Example Pricing

Dimensions: 6.4 x 3.6 x 0.7 in
Item weight 0.09 lb

Example Storage Pricing

100 items
Daily Charge: $0.02 USD
Estimated Monthly: $0.70 USD

Game Controller Example Pricing

Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.5 x 2.8 in
Item weight 0.95 lb

Example Storage Pricing

100 items
Daily Charge: $0.23 USD
Estimated Monthly: $6.95 USD

Supplements Example Pricing

Dimensions: 11 x 7 x 7 in
Item weight 5.6 lb

Example Storage Pricing

100 items
Daily Charge: $0.78 USD
Estimated Monthly: $23.49 USD

How we calculate storage fees

Step 1:We take the measurements of the products sent in. The Length, Width, and Height are multiplied by the quantity of SKUs to find the total volume.

Step 2: That number is then converted into cubic feet by taking the total volume and dividing it by 1,728*.

Step 3: Once the cubic feet is calculated we simply multiply that by $0.75 and divide by 30 (days) to find your daily storage charge.
L x W x H x QTY inches
Total Volume / 1728
Cubic Feet * (0.75 / 30)
*1 cubic foot equals 1,728 cubic inches

Storage pricing calculator


The below table includes fees for the following:
  • Fulfillment & Storage
  • Inventory Removals (Inventory Disposal and Removal)
  • Non-compliance
Note: Yaca at this time does charge a processing fee for payments made by debit, credit, ACH, or other electronic methods that are supported. pricing NON-COMPLIANCE FEES

Yaca may charge you a non-compliance fee for items that did not follow Yaca requirements. This could include products missing barcodes or those having an incorrect barcode compared to what you inputted into the Customer Portal or the Purchase Order provided via e-mail.

How are storage fees computed?
Storage Fees

Yaca charges a storage fee for each SKU with units in inventory in Yaca’s fulfillment network.

To compute a SKU’s storage fee, the following is needed:

  • Unit’s length, width, and height
  • Number of units of the SKU in inventory
  • Month
  • Time in inventory

Yaca’s storage fees depend on all the above factors. Storage fees could start around the following rates:

From January through September, the standard fee is $0.0251 per cubic foot, per day

This is equivalent to $0.75 per cubic foot over 30 days

From October through December, the standard fee is $0.050 per cubic foot, per day

This is equivalent to $1.50 per cubic foot over 30 days
Long-Term Storage Fees
Yaca charges long-term storage fees for units in inventory for more than 150 days.
For units that are in inventory for more than 150 days, the future long-term storage fees will be as follows:
The standard fee is $0.10 per cubic foot, per day
This is equivalent to $3.00 per cubic foot over 30 days
The per unit minimum is $0.15 per unit, per day
We encourage you to create promotions for these items to clear out inventory, or if desired create a removal order to send those items to you.
Long term storage fees will be stopped when a warehouse decrements those units in the inventory, soon after a removal is created in the Customer Portal or via email
FIFO (first in, first out).
When accounting for storage fees, Yaca does operate on a FIFO basis. This means that we decrement counts based on oldest units first. This will move you out of long-term storage tier faster and decrease the size of your bill.

When considering actual fulfilled units for a customer order or removal order, Yaca does not do FIFO. We choose which actual unit to fulfill a given order based on which warehouse location plus carrier that we believe can best fulfill the service level of that order. Within a given warehouse, there is no guarantee which item will be fulfilled.

Fee Calculation
Unit Volume
To calculate the unit volume for a SKU, take the length, width, height (in inches) of a single unit of the SKU. Multiply length x width x height to get the volume in cubic inches. Convert this volume to cubic feet by dividing 1728.
Round this volume up to the nearest hundredth to get the value on which Yaca computes storage fee.
We have a SKU with units of dimensions 20″ x 16″ x 8″. The volume in inches is 20*16*8 = 2560 cubic inches. In cubic feet, this volume is 2560/1728 = 1.48148 cubic feet. We round this value up to 1.49 cubic feet. This is the volume on which Yaca will compute the storage fee.

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