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How to prepare your products for Yaca?

Preparing and sending your inventory to Yaca is fast and easy. Just follow these five steps for us to receive your inventory at our distribution centers and start picking, packing and shipping your orders.

Important: if your online store is integrated with us (Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, etc.), you can skip directly to step #3.

1) Select the products that you’ll send to Yaca’s distribution center
The first step is to define which products you will send us. For this, Yaca recommends making a complete inventory check of all products you have in stock, including variations. For example, if you sell cell phone protectors, remember to differentiate between the ones for the iPhone 13 or the Samsung S21. From there, you could have different colors for each, so now is a good time to define a SKU for each variation, in case you don’t have one.

In this link you can obtain valuable information about the importance of SKUs and how to create your own. You may already have this information in an Excel file or an inventory management tool, so this first step shouldn’t take too long.

2) Complete our Products template
After you have your products inventoried, it is time to create them on the Yaca platform. This process is very quick and only requires you to fill in an Excel (or Google Sheets) template with some information about your product.

As mandatory fields, we need you to provide us with the name of the product along with the SKU. Within the optional fields you can provide us with the product’s barcode, along with its weight (in pounds) and its dimensions (in inches). Don’t worry if you don’t have this data, they are optional.

After you have the complete template, you must save it in CSV format and send us the attachment via email to, so that we can upload your products to our platform. As soon as the products are created, we will send you a confirmation email.

You can download the template here.

3) Define the quantities to be sent per product and prepare the packaging
After you have defined the products that you will send to Yaca and they are created on our platform, the next step will be to define the quantities that you are going to send of each one and how they will be packaged. Ideally, each SKU will be packaged differently to make the receiving process quick and efficient. In case you need to send multiple SKUs in the same box or bag, please let us know the contents of the package through a label.

4) Fill out the receiving template
Everything is ready for you to make your first shipment to Yaca. To ensure a successful receipt of your inventory, we require you to fill out our Receipt template, which has five fields. Of these, we require that you include the SKU of the product and the quantity that we are going to receive. Additionally (optional), you can include the sale price, the supplier or brand of the product and a note for the warehouse to take into account when receiving this inventory.

After you have the complete template, you must save it in CSV format and send us the document via email to, so that we can upload your purchase order to our platform. As soon as the receipt process is complete, we will send you a confirmation email.

You can download the template here.

5) Send your inventory to the Yaca distribution center
You did it! You have defined the inventory that you will send us, your products are created on our platform, you have prepared and packed your first shipment – now all you have to do is send us your packages. Many of our customers prefer to bring their inventory to us by their own means, using everything from bicycles to trucks, however, Yaca can also pick up your inventory and bring it to our distribution center.

Regardless of the method you choose, you must contact us to schedule the receipt of your products. You can send us an email to or write through our Whatsapp at +507 6992-9222.

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